Let’s Win, Virginia is the home of Virginia’s fight-and-win Republicans. In 2019, 31% of State House & Senate races won by Democrats went unopposed. We can never let Virginian voters endure another election with only Democrats—and no Republicans—on their ballot.

Our mission: to end one-party Democrat rule in Virginia by mobilizing 200 new fight-and-win Republican candidates and 2,000 volunteers in the Old Dominion. Join #TeamWin as we show what it means to be a winning Republican in Virginia.

We won’t wait. We win – now.

We are Mobilizing

  • 200 Candidates
  • 2000 Volunteers

I'm In, Let's Win

Why We Fight

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43 out of 140 State Legislative seats with no Republican candidate were surrendered to Democrats

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Democrat candidates outspent Republicans by almost $13 million dollars

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3 million Virginians had no Republican State Senate candidate to vote for